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KO Sports Gear’s Red Kids Gi – BJJ Kimono and Pants – Pearl Weave – For Jiu Jitsu


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Stand out with this fun Red gi from KO Sports Gear. If you belong to a gym that has strict BJJ rules of white, blue and black gis only, you will never be able to wear this gi. However, if you belong to a gym that doesn’t take itself quite so seriously, you can enjoy wearing something different.

– 350 GSM Pearl Weave top.
– 8 oz Rip Stop pants.
– KO SPORTS GEAR inner lining band on sleeves and bottom of uniform top.
– Black Stitching and Trim makes the colors pop! – Limited patches allow you to customize with your own patches.
– Rubber insert in collar.

       Height             Weight    

M0    up to 4'0"       up to 60 lbs 

M1    up to 4'4"      60  -  75 lbs 

M2    up to 4'8"      75  -  95 lbs 

M3    up to 5'0"      95 - 115 lbs 

M4    up to 5'4"    115 - 135 lbs

Gym owners: Contact KO Sports Gear for volume discounts and Gi’s made with your gym’s patches on them. We can use any color stitching to match your school colors.

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