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KO Sports Gear’s FOUNDATION Gi for Kids – Hemp Blend – BJJ Kimono and Pants – for Jiu Jitsu – CLOSEOUT


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Introducing KO Sports Gear’s FOUNDATION gi for Kids. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is built on a FOUNDATION of basic positions and attacks. You must master these basic concepts before you can advance. This gi fits perfectly in that stage of your development. Lighter weight… not too flashy… and very comfortable. Best of all, the price! For a gi of this quality, the price is amazing!

– The Jacket is made from a hemp blend material that breathes and is very comfortable.
– Grey stitching and trim contrasts with the white uniform and makes it pop.
– 350 GSM hemp blend jacket.
– The pants are made from 10oz cotton rip stop material with an elastic waist. Durable and comfortable.
– No inner lining. The lightweight hemp blend material breathes so you will not overheat as you begin your BJJ journey.
– One KO Sports Gear logo on the back just under the collar.
– Rubber insert in collar.

M0 up to 4’0″ up to 60 lbs
M1 up to 4’4″ 60 – 75 lbs
M2 up to 4’8″ 75 – 95 lbs
M3 up to 5’0″ 95 – 115 lbs
M4 up to 5’4″ 115 – 135 lbs

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