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KO Sports Gear Wrestling Headgear Wrap – Team USA


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Introducing KO Sports Gear’s wrestling headgear wrap – USA design.

  • The Patriotic artwork matches our Team USA singlet!
  • Fits most foam headgear.
  • Easy to apply. See instructions below.
  • Made of 3M vinyl wrap
  • The Wraps are Removable

Application Instructions

Clean your headgear first.Hold the headgear wrap up to the headgear to see which one you need. (There is a right and a left and they are different.) Peel the wrap from its backing paper and line it up with the headgear strap openings. Apply the wrap to the headgear. If you make a mistake, don’t worry, peel it off and start over. Once you have the wrap placed the best you can, it is time to get a hair dryer. Use the hair dryer to heat the wrap. Push out the wrinkles in the wrap as you apply the heat. Be careful, it will get hot.